East Coast Slackasana Series- 3 workshops and only a couple spots left

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Adi here back on the East Coast and so excited to be working with Brooklyn Boulders in NYC to offer the first Slackline Series course consisting of 3 two hour workshops.

This course is an opportunity to take people past some of the basic slackline poses and work on more advanced poses and transitions as due to a crazy travel schedule on my part there will be some lapse in between classes (like a month) with the intention that enrolled students will practice poses from the previous classes so that we can build on them with each progressive class.
Flyers just went up at Brooklyn Boulders and several spots are already taken with just 10 available spots total so if you are on the East Coast and interested, contact them asap! For those who do not know, Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) is NYC’s premiere climbing area and home to the newly open back room featuring “the Beast” (I can’t describe it- you just gotta climb it) and they also have a YogaSlackers line with a custom crash mat built under it so no worries about scary falls- it’s the safest set up I’ve seen and taught on so far and the line is always set up and available for practice as well. Come check it out.
Hope to see you on the line somewhere sometime soon…have a great summer!
– Adi
Photo credit- Alex Moran, BKB team climber and slack addict on the BKB set up
Please click on flyer image for more info
Yogaslackers – Slacklining for a better world
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