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“It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.”

– John Paul Jones

My life would be far from possible without the love & support from great family & friends who are also sources of continuous inspiration. The links to the right are all people, sponsors & organizations that I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with on and off the mat…check ’em.

* a special heartfelt thanks to Caleb Freese for the background artwork of this site as well as to the amazing photographers and friends who shot the images. Thank you Kadri Kurgun, Ryan Martin, Ben Fullerton, Nik Sliwerski, Jolie Kinga, Brad Bennet, Clare Chong, Jai Zeta, Tad Ericson, Wari Om, Mark Boundonno and all of those who have shot for the YogaSlackers over the years.

Big ups and much love to all who have inspired through climbing, surfing, slacking, biking, running, gliding, balancing etc across this amazing terrain that we call home (wherever and whatever that may be).  You have taught me to believe that anything is possible.  Thank you Paul, Sam & Jason – my YogaSlacker brothers, for introducing me not only to slacklining but to climbing and mountain biking as well…we’ll get that pirate ship one day.  And so much gratitude to Chris, Mike, Kim, Pete, Jane, Brett, Demian, Chris & Paula (and the crazy Polish crew of Club Coleman), Tetsuya, the BKB community and to Steph Davis for sharing your love of climbing, the outdoors and high infatuation.

To the Rockaways and Rincon crews for their love of surfing, beach culture and island life.  Thanks to Ryan, Shaw, Tommy, Jake, Kadri, Sean, Brandon, Reid, Steve & Christian (Boarders), BJ, Ritchie, and to Ian & Ken (Sydney, Australia)-  for taking me surfing for the first time as part of our Oceanography lab science report for UNSW – we may not of gotten the highest marks but you introduced me to something that has taught me more than any class.

Much love and thanks to the friends who have offered me places to stay, received my mail and packages, stored ridiculous amounts of oversized gear, clothes, electronics and basically provided me with countless homes & crash pads around the world…y’all keep this life so full of richness!

THANK YOU more than words.

And above all, thanks to all of the teachers and students that continue to share what they love in all shapes and forms.

Dream big and keep inspiring always…


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